Ways to Use the Crawl Space for Storage

Kimberly Lang

Crawl spaces in attics and basements are often left unused; but with the right design, they can be excellent storage spaces. Here's how to transform your crawl space from a wasted space to a practical storage area, or how to redesign your space to maximize its efficiency.

Use storage baskets in your crawl space.

Stack Boxes or Baskets

Cardboard boxes are an easy way to convert a crawl space into a storage area.

Stacking boxes or baskets in your crawl space is the most basic way to use it for storage. Before you begin, install thick plywood along the floor of the crawl space to use as a storage area base. Then pack your boxes into the space just as you would pack them into a moving van. Be sure to label them for easy identification later.

Build shelving

Custom shelving can make your crawl space usable for storage.

Building custom shelving for your crawl space is a great way to ensure the new storage space meets your needs. Start by measuring your crawl space, then thinking about what you'll store there. Buy materials at a hardware store and build your shelves. It takes more time than stacking boxes, but the end result will better meet your needs.

Buy a Closet Organizer System

Use a closet organizer system to customize your crawl space.

If you're not handy enough to build your own shelves, but you want a custom storage area, invest in a closet organizer system. These can be great for crawl spaces because they are made for all types of closets. Plus, they can come with drawers, shelves and cabinets, depending on your needs.

Reorganize Your Crawl Space for Better Storage

Rearrange your crawl space to convert it into a storage space.

Many crawl spaces are poorly laid out or are full of items leftover from previous homeowners. Simply removing unused items and rearranging your existing space can make a huge difference. Think about your needs and whether your existing space meets them. If it doesn't rearrange the crawl space to make a better storage area.