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How to Organize Beer Bottles in the Bottom of Bar Coolers

Todd Roy

Reaching for the wrong beer can slow down sales and hinder customer service. Having a well-organized beer cooler can help bartenders retrieve, sell and restock product more efficiently and translate to higher revenue for bar owners.

Keeping your coolers organized also can help you maintain fresher product to help eliminate waste or dissatisfied customers that might get upset because of skunky or stale beer.

  1. Space the adjustable dividers of the beer cooler far enough apart to fit the approximate width of a standard beer bottle height.

  2. Stock your most popular, high-sales beers by laying individual bottles horizontally in a row on the bottom of the beer cooler. Face all bottles the same way with their tops pointed in the same direction.

  3. Stock the next row as in Step 2 but face all bottles the opposite direction as the bottom row. Continue stocking by alternating the direction the bottles with each row to create a stable platform.

  4. Stock less popular, lower-sales beers by placing bottles in cardboard six-pack containers. Stack six-pack containers two or three high. Sufficient quantities of multiple brands can occupy an adjustable section of the beer cooler by stocking in this manner, and this allows for efficient restocking.

  5. Tip

    Rotate stock often to prevent stale product by letting stock occasionally empty out before restocking. Keep extra empty six-pack holders on hand for use when beer brands come packaged loose. Place a raised wire rack on the bottom of the cooler to help keep product dry from spillage or breakage that might occur inside the cooler.


    If breakage occurs, empty and clean entire cooler to remove all broken glass, then restock.