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How to Build a Manicure Table

Rich Quayshaun

Starting up a nail salon on a tight budget can be extremely challenging. One money saving solution involves building your own manicure tables instead of purchasing them. The process requires little effort and can save you hundreds of dollars.

Building your very own manicure table is not difficult.

Step 1

An end table or drawer unit is easy to assemble.

Assemble the two end tables (or drawer units) according to the instructions on the manual.

Step 2

Placing drawers in your direction also provides extra storage.

Align the two end tables or drawer units evenly with one another. Leave a gap big enough to satisfy your needs. Check that chairs are able to fit on either side, between the two end tables. Point the drawers towards you and not your client for a more professional look.

Step 3

Double check your measurements for accuracy.

Measure the width of the two tables horizontally from the far end of the first table to the far end of the second table. Write down the measurement in inches for a custom-fit glass top.

Step 4

Measure the length of one end table vertically. Record your measurement in inches for the length of the glass top.

Step 5

Measure the glass before placing it on the table to ensure a proper fit.

Place a custom order for a 12 inch-thick glass top at a local glass shop using the measurements previously recorded.

Step 6

Place your rubber pads on the corners of each end table. Wiggle the rubber pads with your finger to ensure they do not move.

Step 7

Use caution when fitting or working around glass.

Place your custom made glass top accurately on the rubber pads. Shake the glass with minimum force to check that it is secure.