How to Use Clorox to Disinfect Water Bottles

Laura Leiva

Bleach has a variety of uses, from getting stains out of clothing to disinfecting drinking water if you are not able to properly boil it. Bleach is also useful around the house, for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen surfaces, baby toys or even in weekly cleanings of the bathroom.

Bleach disinfects water bottles.

Cleaning with Clorox bleach not only removes odors, but also kills any lingering germs or bacteria around your home. If you want to clean and disinfect water bottles, doing so with bleach is an effective and safe form of cleaning.

  1. Fill your sink with at least a gallon of hot water. A gallon of water will fill up a standard-sized sink approximately half way. Pour ¾ cup of Clorox bleach into the water. If your sink has more than a gallon of water for disinfecting, use ¾ cups of bleach for each gallon.

  2. Place your drinking water bottles into the water, submerging them so they fill up with the bleach solution. Filling them with the bleach solution ensures the inside of the bottle is thoroughly disinfected.

  3. Allow the bottles to sit in the water at least 5 minutes. Rotate the bottles in the water if needed to ensure the entire surface and lip of the bottle is disinfected.

  4. Rinse the bottles thoroughly with hot water, filling them up at least two to three times to completely wash away the bleach solution. Allow the bottles to air dry completely after washing.