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What Is Javex Bleach by Clorox Used For?

Robbi Gunter
Table of Contents

Clorox is the manufacturer of Javex bleach, typically used in the laundry to get whites even whiter. Javex has many other uses as a disinfectant and cleaning solution for your home and garden.

Javex bleach by Clorox is useful for much more than just getting your laundry white.


Add 3/4 cup of Javex bleach with laundry detergent to your wash water to get whites brighter. Pre-soak individual items in a gallon of water with 1/2 cup bleach to get rid of tough-to-remove stains.

Baby Toys

A tablespoon of Javex bleach in a gallon of water cleans and disinfects teething rings, rubber duckies, baby bottles, drinking cups and anything a baby puts in her mouth. Use it in the same proportion for your dishwater.

Fresh Flowers

Add 1/4 tsp. of Javex bleach to a quart of water in a flower vase to extend the life of your fresh cut flower bouquet.

Household Cleaner

Add 3/4 cup Javex bleach to a gallon of water with detergent and use as a general household cleaner, disinfectant and mildew remover for floors, tile, surfaces, furniture, fixtures and appliances. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Lawn and Garden

Pour or spray undiluted Javex bleach on the driveway, patio, pathways and anywhere you do not want weeds to grow. Spray it directly on weeds to kill them, roots and all.