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How to Clean Mobile Home Walls

Monica Patrick

Interior walls of a mobile home get sooty from home heating systems and dusty air units. Cleaning the walls of your mobile home makes your home smell better and look cleaner. Clean your mobile home walls every change of seasons to fight dust and allergen build up.

Cleaning interior walls will freshen the look of your home.

Always clean walls before wallpapering or painting your interior walls to make paper and paint applications go on smoother and neater.

  1. Remove pictures and picture hangers from walls before cleaning.

  2. Sweep down walls with a small, handheld broom. Sweep from top to bottom.

  3. Fill a plastic pail 2/3 full with warm water. Add a tsp. of gentle liquid dish soap to the pail as the water runs.

  4. Plunge a large sponge in the water. Remove the sponge, squeezing the water into the pail.

  5. Wipe the wall down one square foot at a time, starting at the top. Wet the sponge in the bucket every five feet.

  6. Dump the pail in the sink when you have finished the wall. Allow the walls to dry by opening some windows or placing a fan on the floor afterward.

  7. Warning

    Avoid using strong chemicals on interior walls.