How to Clean a Discolored Marble Tabletop

A marble-topped table can be a great way of adding some elegance and natural beauty to your home. Marble's variation and high shine can help to enhance any decor.

Marble that has been discolored should be cleaned with stone-care products.

Marble is a natural stone and will require special care if you do choose to use a marble table. The wrong type of cleaner, lack of sealant or even just a coffee cup used without a coaster could discolor your marble. You will be able to lessen the appearance of these stains dramatically by using stone-care products.

  1. Clean the marble top well with a stone cleaner. Stone cleaners are available in spray bottles for ease of use. Spray the cleaner onto the table and buff with a lint-free cloth. This will remove any surface stains from the marble.

  2. Apply a poultice to the marble top. Poultice is a paste used to draw out stains and discolorations from within the stone. It can be purchased at most stone yards and is available both ready mixed and as a powder you mix with water.

  3. Spread the poultice over the discolored areas of the marble top and cover the poultice with a piece of plastic wrap to seal it in. Allow it to sit for one hour.

  4. Rinse the poultice off the table with water and then clean the top again with a stone cleaner, buffing the top dry with a lint-free cloth.

  5. Seal the marble top against further staining by painting it with an impregnating sealer using a foam paintbrush. Allow the sealer to penetrate for one hour and then wipe up the excess with a lint-free cloth.