How to Stencil on a Glass

Painting glassware is an affordable way to decorate your home and serve your meals on stylish dishes without spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. Your local dollar store is filled with glassware bargains just waiting for your painted designs.

Add beautiful designs to your glassware

Stencil beautiful patterns and simple accents on wine glasses, candy dishes and serving platters to add a bit of excitement to your buffet table or make matching sets to give as gifts.

  1. Clean the glass using a rag dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease, grit or residue from the glass.

  2. Place a few lines of double-sided, repositionable tape on the back of the stencil. Make sure there are no gaps between the stencil and the glass as this will cause the paint to bubble.

  3. Use a foam paint brush to paint inside the stencil, using one color at a time. Allow a few minutes for the each paint to dry before moving on to a new color.

  4. Remove the stencil and move it to a new location on the glass. Paint, again one color at a time, to create a pattern as you move the stencil around the glass.

  5. Preheat the oven and bake the glass as directed on the paint label. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as written, as each brand of paint requires a different oven temperature and baking time.