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Do It Yourself for Painting a Boy's Toy Box

Natalie Schwab

Refinishing a piece of furniture can give it a completely new look. If your child has had the same toy box since he was a baby, he's probably ready for something new. Instead of rushing out and buying a new toy box, paint his old one! Make sure you sand and prime the toy box first to remove the old paint and keep the new paint from peeling. Pick out a paint color your boy loves and stencils of his favorite things and get started.

Give your son a shiny, newly painted box to keep his toys in.

Step 1

Remove any hardware from the toy box.

Step 2

Sand the entire toy box to remove all the paint. Use a sander with 100 grit sandpaper to sand the large portions of the toy box. You will have to sand small crevices by hand. If you are only painting the outside, you don't need to sand the inside.

Step 3

Wipe the toy box down with a damp cloth to remove all the dust and dirt.

Step 4

Pour primer into a paint tray and roll a paint roller through it three to four times so it is completely coated.

Step 5

Roll the primer over the entire outside (and inside if you prefer). Use a small paintbrush to reach any areas you couldn't with the roller.

Step 6

Let the primer dry for 10 minutes and then apply a second coat. Allow this coat to dry for an hour.

Step 7

Mix your paint with a paint stick and pour enough to fill your paint tray two-thirds full.

Step 8

Paint the toy box in a thin layer of paint. You can use a roller or a paintbrush.

Step 9

Allow this coat of paint to dry overnight.

Step 10

Apply a second coat of paint and allow it to dry overnight.

Step 11

Hand paint or stencil on some of your son's favorite things such as trains, soccer balls, spaceships, pirates, etc. You can also use letter stencils to paint his name or the name of his favorite sports teams or action hero. Tape the stencil down with masking tape so it does not lift up and blur the image. Tape newspaper over the toy box around the stencil to avoid getting paint on the toy box. Spray paint works best for stencils. Hold the spray paint can 6 inches from the toy box and lightly spray the image. Allow it to dry over night and then remove the stencil and newspaper.

Step 12

Apply your polycrylic protective finish with a paintbrush.

Step 13

Allow the toy box to dry for 48 hours and then put all the hardware back on and fill it back up with toys.