How to Build a Wood Pulpit

Pulpits are often used at social events, religious gatherings or even Christmastime when families gather to sing carols. Pulpits tend to be decoratively made out of hardwoods such as oak or walnut. Building your own pulpit can be easy and very inexpensive if you choose to use plywood rather than hardwoods.

Podiums are commonly used for social gatherings.

The project can be done by anyone who is familiar with power tools and has a few hours of time.

  1. Screw the 47-inch pine boards along the 48-inch edge of your plywood. At one end leave 1/8-inch gap from the end of the board to the edge of the plywood. This will be the top of your pulpit. Be sure your pine boards are flush with the edge of the plywood. Use four screws for each side and screw through the plywood into the pine boards.

  2. Lay your 16-inch-wide plywood flat and horizontal, You will be cutting a triangular piece of plywood off of this that measures 5 inches by 16 inches. Measure 5 inches from the top left 16-inch corner, along the top 48-inch side. Mark it with your pencil. Use your straight edge to mark a line from this mark you just made to the lower left-hand corner. Cut this triangular piece off with your circular saw and repeat the process with the other 16-inch piece of plywood. These will be the sides of your pulpit. The slant of your pulpit will be created by the cuts that you just made.

  3. Screw your 43-inch pine boards along the 43-inch edges that were created by your previous cut. Be sure the edges are flush. This 43-inch side will be the low side of your pulpit, the side that you stand at.

  4. Hold up the 48-inch piece of plywood while you stand the 16-inch piece of plywood next to it at a 90-degree angle. Screw through the 48-inch side of the 16-inch plywood into the 47-inch pine board. The outside corner of the plywood pieces should be flush and square. Repeat the process with the last 16-inch piece of plywood on the other side. Both 16-inch pieces should be slanting down from the 48-inch-by-24-inch piece of plywood.

  5. Screw along the left and right edges of your 44 ΒΌ-inch piece of plywood into the 43-inch pine boards. All of the corners should be flush and square.

  6. Screw your 20-inch piece of plywood to the top of your pulpit. Screw through the corners into the ends of the pine boards. On the side that slants down there should be a lip from the 44 1/4-inch plywood to hold your books, papers or notes.