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How to Make a Banana Stand

Banana stands are a decorative piece of kitchenware that hold bananas while they ripen. These types of stands are often made of oak and are usually simple in design. With the right tools, two pieces of wood are easily manipulated and transformed into a banana stand.

Bananas can ripen evenly when hung on a stand.

Although there are quite a few different designs out there, the template plans that most banana stands have should be understood as a general conception. The function of this type of stand is very basic and even the novice builder can improvise slight variations to add their own personal touch to the project.

  1. Print out the banana stand template and cut it out with your scissors. Cut off the tenon joint on the template. It is 1 1/4 inches wide and 3/8 inches tall. Lay the template on the 10 inch board so all of the template is on the wood. Trace the template with your pencil.

  2. Cut along the line of the template using your band saw. This is your banana stand hook.

  3. Measure 1/2-inch down along the 4-inch center from the 6-inch end of the 8-inch board. Drill a 3/32-inch hole here,and drill a second hole 1-inch down along the center from the first. These are pilot holes. Drill a 1/4-inch deep 3/8-inch hole in each pilot hole. These holes will be on the bottom of your stand and will hide the screw heads.

  4. Drill two 3/32-inch holes on the 1/2-inch center of the 3-inch bottom of the banana stand hook. Space the holes 1 inch apart.

  5. Sand down both pieces of wood with your medium-grade sand paper. Align the holes on the hook with the holes on the board. The hook should be hanging over the board. Screw the pieces together.

  6. Wipe the pieces down with your tack cloth and apply your wood stain. Let it dry according to instructions. Hang your bananas over the end of the hook where the bananas connect by their stalk.