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How to Clean Wood Decks With Clorox Bleach

Kat Oakley

Regular Clorox Bleach is not the best way to clean a wood deck. Regular Clorox Bleach will break down the wood, make nails rust faster, kill grass and plants, and take years off of the life of the deck. However, Clorox does have a bleach formula that will not cause any of these issues.

A wood deck.

Clorox Pro Results Outdoor is made to not harm the wood, but it will remove dirt, odor and stains. It will not rust deck hardware, break down wood or kill plants surrounding the deck.

  1. Prepare the deck by removing all the furniture and then sweeping all loose dirt and debris.

  2. Fill the bucket with Clorox Pro Results Outdoor and water, according to the manufacturer's directions. Pour the mixture into the sprayer.

  3. Spray small areas of the deck at a time. Scrub as necessary with the push broom to remove stains. Continue spraying and scrubbing until the entire deck is clean.

  4. Spray the deck with the water hose until completely rinsed. Let the deck dry.