How to Bid on an Apartment Cleaning Service

Everyone is moving in fast pace and no one has time to do their own cleaning. Many renters turn to cleaning services to keep their apartments clean and up to lease standards.

Placing a bid on a cleaning job must be competitive but you must make a profit.

If you own a cleaning service or just want to take on a cleaning project to contribute to your income, you need to learn how to bid on cleaning services. You need to outbid your competition by offering low prices, while also attempting to turn a profit for yourself. You may need to submit your bid upon your first visit to the apartment, so prepare yourself a few guidelines ahead of time to help you price a job.

  1. Take into account the distance you must travel to the apartment and how often. To turn a profit, you have to make your bid high enough to cover the cost of your travel expenses and time to travel back and forth to the apartment.

  2. Consider the size of the apartment you bid on. This helps you to determine the cost of cleaning supplies, if you have to furnish your own for the job. The size and frequency of visits help you to determine how often you must replace cleaning supplies. If you clean a large apartment and have to purchase replacement cleaning supplies every week or two, calculate the cost of the supplies and make that a part of your bid.

  3. Calculate the wages of others who work with you when you bid on the apartment cleaning job. Add up the cost of wages, supplies, travel expenses, and taxes.

  4. Decide if you want to charge per hour or per job. It is best to charge per job or visit so that you get a constant pay. This also guarantees that you get paid for times that you work faster or have less to clean, and does not cause suspicion if you go over your average cleaning time.

  5. Tip

    Be willing to make bargains to get the job. If the apartment owner/renter tells you they can get services for lower, go lower as long as you can still make a decent profit. If you have to spend more on the job than you make from it, let the job go to another bidder.