The Advantages of Round Houses

Don Rafner

You may never considered living in a round home. Round houses, though, actually come with several benefits that traditional ranch or two-story homes can't boast. These range from energy efficiency to a resistance to powerful winds. Round houses are far from common.

A round house comes with many benefits.

But if more people understood their many benefits, perhaps we'd see more of them in our neighborhoods and communities.

Energy Efficiency

It's not inexpensive to heat and cool most traditional houses. Round houses, though, because of their unique design, come with lower utility bills.

That's because round homes have less surface area to come into contact with adverse weather conditions such as excessive heat or cold. Because of this, it takes less effort for furnaces and air conditioners to regulate their interiors to comfortable temperatures.

Round homes are also more aerodynamic. They experience fewer drafts because of this, again making the job of the furnace or air-conditioning unit an easier one.

Hurricane Resistance

Round homes are also more resistant to hurricane-level winds. It's the round shape that receives credit for this. Strong winds travel around round homes. These same winds, though, beat strongly against the face of traditional homes, eventually destroying these residences if the winds are strong enough. Round homes can be good alternatives in parts of the country prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.

Less Costly to Build

It's not inexpensive to build a traditional home. Round homes, though, can cost significantly less to construct. The reason is a simple one: They take less time to build.

Traditional homes, with their multiple surfaces, are complicated structures. Round homes, though, are relatively simple: Most round homes are sold as kits. Construction crews can erect them quickly simply by following the kit instructions, saving homeowners a significant amount of labor charges.

Round homes also require fewer raw materials than do traditional homes. This, again, saves a significant amount of money for homeowners.