How to Seal Stone Basement Walls

Stephanie Temperino

Keeping your basement free of moisture buildup is important for having a long lasting home. Stone is actually a very porous material, and having stone walls in your basement requires proper installation and care.

Stone Wall

In order to prevent the stones from absorbing moisture in the air and even water that seeps into the basement, you need to seal the stones properly.

  1. Wash the stone wall with a mild solution. Combine warm water and a mild detergent in a bucket, and mix with your hands until sudsy. Use the soft sponge to wash down the wall.

  2. Dry the wall with a few soft cloths. Let it air dry over night as well. You do not want to let moisture seep into the wall before applying the sealant.

  3. Pour the sealant into the paint pan. Push the paint roller through it. Roll the excess sealant of on the rippled side of the pan.

  4. Test the sealant on a small corner of the wall. Go to one of the bottom corners, and paint the sealant onto one of the stones. If you like the finishing look that the sealant gives, move on to cover the entire wall.

  5. Paint the entire stone wall with the paint roller. Allow 48 hours for the sealant to fully dry.

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