How to Fix a Chandelier

Candice Coleman

Chandeliers serve as a form of decoration, as well as a lighting source in the home. However, chandeliers can also be heavy and expensive, which can make them seem difficult to repair. If a chandelier's lights stop working or flicker, you should be able to fix the problem yourself.

Repairing a chandelier may require two people because of its size.

Contact your chandelier's manufacturer if you have difficulty making repairs yourself.

  1. Label sockets that are not working with masking tape. Look for fixture wires, which are inserted through the support chain and into the chandelier's hollow base. Fixture wires are marked, and the wire that has lettering or a colored stripe is the neutral wire. The other wire is the hot wire. Go to the main service panel and shut off the circuit's power supply.

  2. Remove the chandelier's light bulbs, shades and globes. Pull the decorative cover plate away from the electrical box by unscrewing its retaining nut. Test for power to the circuit by touching one probe of a circuit tester to the chandelier's green grounding screw. Fit the other probe into each wire connector, and if the circuit tester glows, turn off the right circuit supply at the main service panel.

  3. Remove wire connectors to disconnect the fixture wires, and unscrew the threaded nipple from the chandelier. Remove the chandelier and gently lay it on a flat surface, taking the cap off of the chandelier's bottom. You should see wire connections inside of the chandelier's base.

  4. Disconnect the unmarked fixture wire from the black socket wire and the marked fixture wire from the white socket wire by disconnecting the wire connectors. Touch the probe of a continuity tester to the black socket wire, and test the continuity of the white socket wire's threaded part as well. If the continuity tester does not glow both times, you must replace the socket.

  5. Loosen the mounting screws or clips of a faulty socket, and pull the socket out of the fixture arm. Thread the wires of a new chandelier socket through the fixture arm. Attach a continuity tester's clip to the end of a wire, and the probe to the other end of the wire. If there is no glow from the continuity tester, replace the wire. Put the chandelier back together and rehang it.

  6. Warning

    Do not continue the repair project if the circuit tester indicates that a current is present. You could be seriously injured if the power supply is not cut off. Keep children away from the repair area, as they may turn the power on while you are working.