Shower Ceiling Ideas

Krista Sheehan

When decorating a bathroom, much attention typically is spent on the floors, bathroom fixtures and walls. In contrast, very little thought is given to the shower ceiling, which ends up looking dull and boring.

Add a pop of color to your bathroom with a colorful shower ceiling.

Fortunately, homeowners easily can improve the overall look of their bathroom by adding a vibrant color or design to their shower ceiling.

Tile Ceiling

If your shower is tiled, extend the tile design to the ceiling. For a subdued look, use tiles in the same color scheme and design. For example, if your shower is tiled in a subtle grey ceramic tile, use a slightly darker grey tile for the ceiling. For a more dramatic look, use tiles to create a bold design. A bold ceiling tends to look best when paired with a relatively simple shower. If your shower is covered with simple white tiles, for example, create a checkerboard pattern on the ceiling with contrasting colors. For a personalized look, use tiles to add your monogram to the ceiling.

Colorful Paints

For a simple and inexpensive shower ceiling idea, cover the area with a bright coat of paint. According to the House-Painting-Info website, the best type of paint for shower ceilings is semi-gloss acrylic. Select a paint color that not only catches the eye, but also complements the overall bathroom décor. If your bathroom is decorated in tan colors with light purple embellishments, select a bright purple paint for the shower ceiling. If the bathroom features a beach theme, use a sky blue paint for the ceiling.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Cover your shower ceiling with vinyl wallpaper for a bold and dramatic look. Although a few coatings of waterproof primer or gloss coating may be necessary, vinyl wallpapers are perfectly safe for use in showers. Another option is to put a wallpaper mural on the ceiling. Scenes featuring intricate paintings, famous artwork, colorful flowers and outer space can spruce up a plain shower.

Sunny Skylight

Shower in the sunlight with a strategically placed skylight. Whether you select clear or tinted glass, a skylight serves two important functions in the shower: it is an eye-catching focal point and allows sunlight to help warm the room. If installing a skylight, the This Old House website recommends ensuring the room has proper ventilation to avoid a dangerous build up of condensation around the unit.