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How to Change the Color of Glass Light Fixtures

Amber Arguijo

Many light fixtures have interchangeable shades that allow for easy coordination with decor. Unfortunately, glass light fixtures do not have this feature and must usually remain the same no matter what the surrounding theme.

Change the look of a glass light fixture using colored window tint.

However, there is a way to change the look of a glass fixture using a product commonly found on car windows.

  1. Remove the glass plates from the light fixture, if possible.

  2. Cut out shapes of panels in the colored film using the hobby knife. If unable to remove panels from fixture, use craft paper to trace and cut out forms of panels. Then use forms to cut out shapes in colored film.

  3. Clean the glass thoroughly with window cleaner and paper towels.

  4. Wash your hands to avoid getting dirt on the film.

  5. Spray glass completely using mixture of water and one drop of dish soap.

  6. Remove film from backing.

  7. Apply to glass surface, working from top to bottom and press out bubbles as you go.

  8. Wet front of film with water.

  9. Use squeegee to press out remaining water and air bubbles.

  10. Replace panels in light fixture.