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How Do I Use the Shower Option on Delta Monitor Faucets?

Mary Lougee

Delta Faucet manufactures the Monitor series of shower and tub faucets. The line includes tub spouts with and without diverter stems to direct the water flow to the shower head.

A diverter stem opens and closes a flap inside of the pipes to either let water flow from the tub spout or direct it up to the shower head or wall jets. The Monitor series has optional controls with a single round knob or a knob-and-lever system to control water volume and temperature separately.

Spout With Diverter Stem

  1. Pull the diverter stem on the bath spout up to direct the water flow to the shower head.

  2. Pull a single round knob out to turn on the water. Turn the knob counterclockwise to add hot water to the water temperature. Turn the knob clockwise to add cold water.

  3. Pull the center knob out to turn on the water for a dual-control model with a knob and a lever. Turn the lever counterclockwise to make the water temperature warmer or clockwise to make it cooler.

Jetted Models

  1. Grasp the diverter stem handle on the wall between the two wall jets. Turn the handle pointing straight up to deliver water flow to the shower head only.

  2. Turn the handle left or right horizontally to operate the water jets only. Grasp each water jet and turn it clockwise to reduce water flow or counterclockwise to increase water flow and intensity.

  3. Pull the center knob out to turn the water on.

  4. Rotate the lever counterclockwise for additional hot water or clockwise for additional cold water.

  5. Tip

    In either a single-knob style or a knob-and-lever style, pull the "on" knob farther out to increase the volume of water. Press the knob inward to decrease the water volume. The Delta Monitor series includes an adjustable rotational stop so the highest temperature can adjust to below scalding level. This safety feature protects children and the elderly from accidental water burns.


    Do not force shower handles in any direction. This action breaks the O-rings sealing interior part junctions that keep shower trim from leaking water.