How to Cut Armored Wiring Cable

C.L. Rease

Armored wiring cable consists of three or more wires surrounded by a spiral wrapped metal sheathing. The overlapping metal joints of the sheathing allow the cable to bend around corners without the need for fittings.

Cutting a piece of armored cable to length and exposing its inner wires requires separating a joint in the metal sheathing. Causing a break in the metal sheathing keeps the remaining section of sheathing undamaged.

  1. Measure the length you need to cut the armored cable with a tape measure. Mark the location on the exterior metal sheathing with a pencil.

  2. Cut the armored cable to length with cable cutters.

  3. Measure back eight inches from the cut end of the armored cable with the tape measure. Place a pencil mark on the exterior sheathing.

  4. Support the end of the armored cable with one knee.

  5. Hold a hacksaw parallel to the armored cable with the saw blade aligned with the pencil mark. Start cutting through the metal sheathing using a back and forth motion with a hacksaw. Stop sawing frequently to check the depth of the cut. Stop cutting when you see the internal wires of the cable through the cut.

  6. Pull the cut length of metal sheathing from the cable with a pair of pliers. Cut through sections of the sheathing not completely cut with the hacksaw with a pair of wire cutters.

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