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How to Get Scotch Tape Off of Varnished Wood

Mel Frank

Varnished wood is a popular option for the construction of flooring and furniture.

Remove Scotch tape from varnished wood with vinegar.

Just like any other household surface, when Scotch tape gets stuck to the surface of your varnished wood, you want to figure out a removal routine that safely gets all of the tape and tape adhesive off of your wood surface without damaging the wood itself. This can be done with a low-cost ingredient that is commonly found in many homes.

  1. Peel off as much of the tape as possible with your fingers. Start at one end of the Scotch tape, and pull slowly to keep the tape in one piece while removing.

  2. Soak a paper towel with white vinegar, and wring out the paper towel.

  3. Sit the paper towel on top of the Scotch tape and let it sit there for about two minutes.

  4. Remove the paper towel, and lift off the Scotch tape. It should now be loose and easily lift from the surface.

  5. Rub the paper towel over the wood to remove any leftover adhesive, and let your varnished wood surface air dry; the vinegar is a safe solution and leaves behind no residue.