How to Remove Double Sided Tape From Ceramic Tile

Robin Hewitt

Many double-sided tapes are meant to be permanent, but you may wish to move the rug or other object that has been taped to a ceramic floor. Made to adhere to flooring and last for decades without shifting, double-sided tape can be a challenge to remove if you don’t have something to dissolve the adhesive.

The trick is to know what to use, and you probably already have it stashed in your garage.


Always wear eye protection and gloves when using sharp tools.

Make sure your work area is well ventilated.

WD-40 is slippery; use caution when working on a flooring surface.

  1. Spray the double-sided tape with a heavy coating of WD-40, until the entire surface is coated with oil.

  2. Cover the wet tape with strips of paper towel to keep the WD-40 concentrated on the taped areas of ceramic tile; allow the WD-40 to stand for 30 minutes.

  3. Remove the paper toweling from the double-sided tape.

  4. Scrap the tape from the tile, using a razor scraper and taking care not to scratch the surface of the tile. The double-sided tape and adhesive will lift easily; wipe the razor scraper often with a rag to prevent buildup on the scraping surface.

  5. Wipe up the tape residue and clean the ceramic tile immediately, using your usual cleaning product.