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How to Remove Melted Tape

Chris Simon

Kids enjoy making objects with sticky tape, and most people keep a few rolls of some kind of adhesive tape around the house. Adhesive tape has multiple uses but can cause a problem when stuck on surfaces near a heat source and melts into a gluey residue. A solvent chemical will neutralize the stickiness and clean the residue from surfaces. Dry cleaning solvents are available in hardware stores or, alternatively, you may use clear nail polish remover. Turn off the heat source before attempting to clean away melted tape.

Sticky tape melts onto heated surfaces.
  1. Scrape away the excess melted tape with a blunt scraper or plastic knife or spoon. Ensure you do not scratch the surface under the melted tape.

  2. Pour dry cleaning solvent or nail polish remover on an absorbent cloth. Do not over-soak with the solvent. You will need an amount the same size as the tape residue stain.

  3. Dab the tape residue with the cloth until the solvent is soaked into the stain.

  4. Rub gently until all residue is removed. Add more solvent to the cloth if required.