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Loading Instructions for a Manco Tape Dispenser

Richard Ristow

A Manco tape dispenser is an invaluable tool for any retail business that has to send packages. When working properly, a tape dispenser can speed up the time it takes to pack and seal boxes. There is no fumbling with a roll of tape involved, especially when the tape sticks to the roll or splits down the middle. Loading tape onto the dispenser should take only a minute or two.

  1. Remove the old and empty cardboard roll from the tape dispenser.

  2. Lay the tape dispenser on a flat surface, with the roller and teeth pointing left.

  3. Insert a new roll of tape.

  4. Pull about 3 inches of the tape off the roll.

  5. Thread the tape through the roller and teeth so that the tape is taut and not slack. The dispenser should now be ready to use.