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How to Load a Bay West Towel Dispenser

Lisa Wampler

Bay West Towel dispensers such as the Silhouette are straightforward to use and the process for installing a new roll of paper towels will not present the average homeowner with any issues. According to Bay West Supply customer service, installing a new paper towel roll will take a couple of minutes and requires no tools to complete.

  1. Place the key into the lock located on the right side of the paper towel dispenser housing and turn it to unlock the front of the housing.

  2. Pull the door open to expose the old roll of paper towels and the paper towel rod.

  3. Pull the old roll of paper towels and the paper towel and paper towel rod out of the housing.

  4. Slide the old roll off and then slide the new roll on. Position the roll on the rod in a manner that will allow the roll to unroll towards the front of the dispenser and not towards the back. In other words, if you are looking at the side of the dispenser with the lock mounted onto it, the roll will unroll to the left of the lock.

  5. Pull the paper towel off the roll and slide it down though the hole at the bottom of the dispenser approximately 6 inches.

  6. Close the door on the dispenser and then lock it with the key.