How to Apply Magnetic Tape

Andrea Ruiz

Self-sticking magnetic tape is a flexible magnetic material with peel-and-stick adhesive on the back. It is an increasingly popular staple in the crafter's arsenal of tools. Within seconds, it can turn any small object into a magnet.

Crafters often use magnetic tape to create quick, easy refrigerator magnets.

You can mount it along many kinds of surfaces to hold up lightweight magnetic picture frames or reminder notes. You can also cut it down to the exact dimensions of a business card, and turn your business cards into refrigerator magnets for clients. Magnetic tape is available in several widths, from a quarter of an inch to eight-by-eleven inch sheets. The fact that magnetic tape so easy to apply is a major factor in its growing popularity.


Some magnetic tape requires longer than 24 hours to cure. Check the back of the packaging for any special requirements or instructions.


Avoid touching the adhesive part to your fingers or any other surface except the surface you want to stick it on. The adhesive adheres immediately; un-sticking anything from it may damage or remove the adhesive altogether.

  1. Clean the surface to which you intend to stick the magnetic tape thoroughly. Use a spray cleaning solution and paper towels, removing any dirt, stains and old adhesive glue. Dry the area completely when finished.

  2. Check that the surface is a non-painted, smooth surface. The adhesive on the back of magnetic tape is quite sticky, but it sticks better to non-porous materials. Applying adhesive to painted surfaces may cause the paint to chip and peel off under the tension weight between the object and the magnet's adhesive.

  3. Measure the magnetic tape with a ruler so that it is wide enough for you to fit onto your object. Mark it with a permanent marker or chalk. Alternatively, if you're just cutting through a roll of tape and not a sheet, you can just nick the cut-off point with your scissors to mark it.

  4. Cut the magnetic tape using a pair of very strong metal scissors. If the tape is quite thick, this may require several attempts.

  5. Peel the backing off the tape carefully, ensuring that, if it is from a roll, the tape does not roll back into itself.

  6. Attach the adhesive side to the surface of your chosen object. Start carefully with one end. Use your thumb or a permanent marker as a kind of rolling pin to press the tape down onto the surface firmly. Ensure that there are no air bubbles and that the adhesive is completely flush with the surface of your object.

  7. Let the adhesive cure for at least 24 hours before attempting to stick your new magnet onto any magnetic surface.