Are Cork Tiles Good for Soundproofing?

Cork tiling is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to soundproof your home. Cork is durable and lightweight as well, which leads to other unexpected benefits.

Cork tiles can be as good as earplugs.

Insulation: The First Step to a Soundproof Room

Cork traps a large proportion of air because of its composition, which has a similar effect as adding layers of clothing on a cold day. It's also a good sealant, keeping air and water out of the areas where it's installed. Cork is ideal for soundproofing because it is a good insulator.

Noisy Home? Put a Cork in It

If it's good enough for wine, it's good enough for sound.

Due to its high insulating value, cork doesn't transmit sound efficiently. In addition to cork tiling and ceiling panels, cork underlay can be added beneath floor tiles or wall fixtures to further buffer sound transmission between rooms. Once it's installed it's sure to last, as cork is a very durable material.

The Perks

Cork is low cost and very light and pliable, making for easier installation. It is easy to recycle due to its renewable production methods. The floor tiles can easily be installed on walls or ceilings, allowing bulk purchasing. Its fire resistance is an added safety benefit.