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Windex & Dawn Soap to Control Mites on Plants

Erin Maurer

Basic household products such as rubbing alcohol and liquid dish soap work well for controlling garden pests such as spider mites and other members of the mite family. The key to successful homemade mite control is to choose products that will not harm the growing plant.

Control mites on garden plants using liquid dish soap or rubbing alcohol.

Products to Use

For spider mite control, a mixture of liquid dish soap and water effectively treats infestations. Alcohol-based products also kill mites, but should be used with caution.


Pure rubbing alcohol works well for treating mite infestation on garden plants. Other alcohol-based products such as window cleaners may contain additive chemicals that are dangerous for plants. Windex and other similar products are not recommended.

Making Mite Control Products

Mix together 3 tablespoons of liquid dish washing soap, such as Dawn soap, with one gallon of water. For an alcohol-based treatment, use pure, undiluted rubbing alcohol.


Put the soap mixture into a spray bottle and wet the leaves of the infected plant. Continue to reapply every five days until the mites are no longer present. Apply rubbing alcohol to the leaves with cotton balls, suggests Oregon State University.