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How to Mix Gila Application and Cleaning Solution

Mary Lougee

Gila manufactures window film for tinting to decrease energy costs in a home. The film installs on the inside of windows to block sunlight and dim rooms to make them cooler in the summer. This results in lower air conditioning bills.

Gila application and cleaning solution is a pre-mixed product to use for installation of the film. If this product is not available, you can make a solution from household items to clean and apply the tint.


  1. Measure 1/4 tsp. of baby shampoo and pour it into a spray bottle. Add 1 quart of water to the spray bottle.

  2. Screw the lid on the spray bottle in a clockwise direction. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

  3. Set the spray bottle on a counter and allow all of the bubbles to dissipate before using the solution.


  1. Spray a generous amount of the solution on the inside of windows. Wipe the windows with a soft cloth to clean them before applying the Gila window tint.

  2. Spray the solution on both sides of the window tint and on the inside of the window before removing the clear liner. This action keeps the tint from curling and reduces static electricity to make a smooth application.

  3. Squirt the solution on the window tint as you remove the clear liner to saturate the adhesive side. Wetting the adhesive side helps in positioning the tint on the window so it may move slightly to center the tint in the window.

  4. Tip

    Complete installation instructions are printed on the inside of the Gila window film roll. Window tinting is easier to install with two people to keep the film from sticking to itself.