Rosemary As Flea Repellent

Erin Ringwald

Rosemary is an herb you probably have in your kitchen’s spice rack. Aside from being a fragrant and tasty seasoning, it is also effective at repelling fleas.

Rosemary is an effective flea repellent.

Repelling Versus Killing

When choosing the appropriate way to deal with fleas, consider your options. Commercial flea killers are quick and effective; however, they use toxic chemicals to do it. If you are looking for a safer alternative which will not harm you, your family or pets, rosemary is the answer.


Rosemary can be used individually or mixed with other ingredients to create a flea repellent. It is completely safe for both you and your pets. When choosing rosemary for a flea repellent you can use oils or the leaves.


One option is sprinkle a few drops of rosemary oil onto your dog’s or cat’s collar to repel the fleas. Another option is to mix together rosemary, lavender and peppermint to create a flea repellent. All three ingredients repel fleas on their own. Together they make a pleasant smelling and effective flea treatment. Sprinkle the mixture on your pets, carpet, furniture and pet bedding.