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How to Make a Wedge for a Ladder

Kirk Maltbee

At times do-it-yourselfers and home contractors run into annoying little problems that can hamper a job. Working with a ladder on uneven ground creates an unstable ladder that can be a bit unnerving -- not to mention dangerous -- but that can be remedied with a ladder wedge.

Making a wedge to level your ladder will help increase safety.

Like the name suggests, ladder wedges are wedged under the shorter leg of the ladder to make it level with the stable leg and make the job safer.

  1. Lay the wood block on its side and the ruler across the 4-inch face of the block. Angle the ruler from the top left to the bottom right corners of the block. Use the edge of the ruler to create a straight-edged guideline. Saw along the line to create a slope on the block.

  2. Sand the side you cut until smooth to the touch, which creates a better surface to which to apply the rubber strip. Blow away any sanding dust. Lay the ruler vertically onto the 4-inch face of the block and center in the middle; draw another guideline with your pencil, sothe block is divided into equal halves.

  3. Turn the block up onto its thinner 2 1/2-inch side. Use the electric screwdriver to drill five or six screws down into the thinner side. Screw all the way down until the heads are flush to the wood; this means the screws will jut out of the bottom end of the block, creating “teeth” for additional surface gripping on the bottom side of the wedge.

  4. Apply a generous amount of industrial strength adhesive to the side where the screw heads are located. Line the rubber strip up to the glued section of the block and lay the strip over the adhesive. Press down on the strip and wipe away any excess residue. Allow ample time to dry. This creates a better gripping surface for the ladder’s foot to be placed on.

  5. Tip

    The teeth grip into outdoor soil, but will scratch interior surfaces. Make an additional block and replace the screws with another glued-on rubber strip on the bottom of the wedge to create a wedge for indoor use.