How to Build a Wooden Garage Door

Lara Winston

Garages usually act as storage for vehicles, tools and other possessions. However; the garage door can add a touch of class to a property, depending on the style and look of the door. For example, you could opt for a beautifully designed wooden garage door, and it could give your property a new lease of life.

Garage doors can give your property a better look.

Did you know that you can build your own garage door? You don't necessarily have to call in the professionals to get the look you want.

  1. Measure the space where the garage door is going to fit, using a measuring tape. Leave two inches of space on both sides. Write down the measurements.

  2. Choose the design you want. Find out how much the materials are going to cost. Remember to pay close attention to the color and style of garage that you want. You can use most types of wood to do it, 2 by 4s are good for building garage doors. Use the saw to cut the squares for the panels.

  3. Make an indent for the panels to fit into, put wood glue on each edge to stick the panels in place.

  4. Fit the garage door fixtures in accordance with the manufacturer instructions. Fit the garage door to the tracks, carefully aligning the door with the track to make sure it fits properly. You will need to set up the remote control settings. Make sure you follow the manufacturer guidelines. If you opt for a non-motorized wooden garage door, then you won't need to consider this. You will just have to think about, making sure the door fits the space, and that it slides perfectly along the tracks.