How to Fix a Dent in an Eaves Trough

Kim Sarah

Many homes are lined with a gutter system also known as an eaves trough. This aluminum strip wraps around the edge of a house's roof and protects the ground below from drips of water coming off the roof. These drips can damage the lawn or garden below.

Collect rain water in eaves troughs rather than letting it pound your lawn.

A typical eaves trough is made from a lightweight metal, typically aluminum, which can easily be dented by a small hailstorm or fallen branch. Luckily, fixing a dent is easy.

  1. Lean a ladder against a secure exterior wall of your home at the point of the dent.

  2. Clean the area of the dent with a garden hose. Flush the area with water to remove any dirt and debris from the surface. This will allow you to see the dent more easily.

  3. Dry the damaged area with a rag so you don't slip during the repair process.

  4. Determine which way the dent was created. Find the side that is concave. This is the side that was hit by an object.

  5. Hit the convex side of the dent, opposite the side that received the hit. Use the rubber mallet to pound the convex side to be flush with the rest of the eaves trough's surface. Hitting the area correctly will make the dent disappear.