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How to Clean a Corrugated Pipe

Crystal Mercado

Corrugated pipes are typically used as drains and are selected for their durability, strength and flexibility. They can be identified by their parallel ridges and grooves. Due to this design, they tend to collect residue deposits. These deposits can easily clog up the pipe, eventually causing a blockage.

Corrugated pipes can collect deposits of residue.

Clearing your pipes of the deposits takes just a few minutes, uses few household items, and helps restore your pipes to functioning as originally intended. If you find that you can’t clean the pipes yourself, you can certainly hire some help for the job.

Natural Cleaning Solution

  1. Measure 3/4 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar and set the vinegar aside. Pour the baking soda down the corrugated pipe. Place a small towel next to the opening in preparation for use.

  2. Pour the measured vinegar down the pipe quickly. Immediately after pouring, plug the pipe with the hand towel in order to prevent any foam from leaving the opening of the pipe. The chemical reaction that occurs when mixing baking soda with vinegar should clear up any debris that may be clogging your pipe. Leave the towel in place for 30 minutes. You should take this time to start boiling the 4 cups of water necessary for washing out the remaining debris.

  3. Remove the towel from the pipe after 30 minutes and pour the boiling water down the drain. The hot water will help flush out the remaining residue inside of your pipe.

Professional Help

  1. Locate a professional plumber that best suits your needs. If you cannot find the time to clean the pipe yourself or your pipe is completely clogged to the point where any home solution is useless, a professional plumber might be necessary. Search your local yellow pages to find a licensed and experienced plumber.

  2. Inform your selected plumber that you would like to have your corrugated pipe(s) cleared out. Ask your plumber what different methods are available to clear out your pipe. Plumbers can use a variety of methods which range from using a pressure cleaner to using an electric plumber’s snake.

  3. Select your preferred method and have the plumber perform the procedure. Hiring a professional plumber can prove more effective in the cleaning of your corrugated pipes and save you the hassle of cleaning them yourself.

  4. Tip

    If you find that your pipes aren't sufficiently cleared, repeat the natural solution process until the clog has dissolved.


    Take caution when handling boiling water as it could cause serious burns if it spills.