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How to Get Tie-Dye Out of Wood Paneling

Sarah Vrba

Wood paneling adds a beautiful and natural grain to household décor. Wood paneling has the added advantage of being simple to maintain. When mishaps, such as a tie-dye stain occur, there are quite a few ways to take the stain out from natural household ingredients to acid mixtures.

A variety of options can remove stains from wood paneling.
  1. Assess what type of wood paneling you have. If it is unfinished wood paneling, it will be difficult to clean. Unfinished wood will probably hold on to the tie-dye stain and staining the paneling a darker color is an option. Finished wood paneling opens up many options for getting the stain out.

  2. Apply 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup vinegar and 2 cups warm water to the wood paneling. Let sit for a minute or so and then wipe off with a clean cloth. This technique will work best with a mild tie-dye stain.

  3. Mix a 1/2 cup of detergent with a gallon of warm water. Apply this mixture to the stain and wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.

  4. Apply an oxalic acid mixture if it is a heavier tie-dye stain. The oxalic acid will come in crystal form that can be dissolved in water, the package will let you know the ratio. Allow the oxalic acid to remain on the paneling until the stain fades away.

  5. Tip

    Test a small area and let this area dry overnight. Start with the milder cleaners to assess how tough the tie-dye stain is.