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How to Remove Ink From Wallpaper

Kelly Nuttall

Ink spots happen, even on wallpaper, especially if you have kids. But with just a little time, patience and the right household product, you can get that ink stain from your wallpaper without ruining it.


It is easy enough and safe enough that you can even let the kid who most likely put the stain on you wallpaper to begin with, help you clean take it off.

  1. Soak a cotton ball or soft sponge in fresh or bottled lemon juice and then rub gently onto the ink spot that is on your wallpaper. Multiple applications may need to be applied depending on how dark the ink is.

  2. Rubbing Alchol
  3. Rub a cotton ball that has been soaked in rubbing alcohol over the ink stain. Go in circular motions until the ink stain has faded significantly. Once it has faded, rub it in the opposite direction.

  4. Bleach
  5. Dab a small amount of bleach onto a cotton ball and rub it gently over the ink stained surface. Bleach works well for lighter colored wallpapers. Do not let the soaked bleached cotton ball linger on the wallpaper. Make sure you are moving in a constant direction.

  6. Hairspray
  7. Spray hairspray onto the ink stained area and then rub it gently with a cotton ball or soft sponge. After the ink stain has been removed, wash the wall with a damp cloth since hairspray can be very sticky.