Vaporizers & Vinegar

Lee Morgan

You may already know how useful vinegar is in the kitchen, from adding flavor to your fish and chips to punching up your barbecue sauce, but vinegar is a common household product with many other uses. A vaporizer is a machine that heats water and releases steam to humidify the air for several purposes.

Vinegar in your vaporizer may help control cold and flu symptoms.

Adding vinegar to a vaporizer combines two multiuse products for several useful applications.

Calcium Deposits

Many homes use hard water from a municipal source. With an abundance of minerals in it, hard water can cause spots on the chrome in showers and sinks and lead to mineral deposits on various surfaces where water is in frequent contact. One place where mineral buildup, particularly calcium, can be a problem is inside the vaporizer. The heating of the water and the steam’s exit from the device may cause calcium deposits to clog the system and cause it not work properly. Replacing the water in the vaporizer with white vinegar will cause a strong smell in the room, but it will clear away all the mineral deposits on the vaporizer and allow it to work properly.

Cold Congestion

Most everyone suffers from a cold from time to time, and it often comes with the annoying symptom of chest congestion. According to the "Reader’s Digest" website, adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the water in your vaporizer will help to ease congestion and make it easier for cold sufferers to breathe normally.

If you have a cool mist vaporizer, be sure you check the manufacturer’s information prior to using vinegar in the system.

Sinus and Allergies

According to The Vinegar Book website, adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a vaporizer will result in sinus and allergy relief. This is an effective method of relieving allergic reactions to the weather and spring or fall plants.

Using vinegar in a vaporizer is a good alternative to the substances used in over-the-counter sinus and allergy drugs. Those who are not comfortable with ingesting the medicines for relief can get completely natural relief from vinegar.

Bacteria and Mold Prevention

Vaporizers are very valuable for new parents with infants suffering from colds or other congestion. The device moisturizes the air and makes it simpler for the youngster to breathe. But a poorly maintained vaporizer can do more damage than good. The damp, warm interior of a vaporizer is an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If not kept clean, the vaporizer can be spreading much more into the air than steam. The droplets could be carrying harmful mold or bacteria right into the lungs of your infant.

According to The Baby Department website, vinegar can clean the inside of a vaporizer and remove bacteria and mold. Cleaning a vaporizer regularly is important to prevent problems. Many manufacturers recommend daily cleaning of the insides of their vaporizers.