How to Paint a Donkey Face

Donkey faces can sometimes be hard to paint, especially when trying to get the proportions right. Whether you need to paint a donkey face for the children's game 'Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey' or just want to paint for fun, painting a donkey face is just a matter taking things step by step.

Paint a donkey face.
  1. Draw a circle. This circle will form the base of the head, so make the circle as big as you want the head to be. Do all the drawing using a pencil just in case any mistakes are made.

  2. Add a long ear to the top of the circle that bends at a 60 degree angle to the left. The ear should be long with a pointed tip and resemble the shape of a sword.

  3. Draw the neck of the donkey coming off the bottom-right of the circle. This will be composed of one straight line pointing down coming off the right side of the circle and one curved line to the left of it.

  4. Add in the mane and the second ear. The mane will be a line coming up parallel to the neck. Make a corner then connect this line with the first ear you drew. The mane then continues to the front of the head. The second ear will be situated in front of the first ear, closer to the left side of the circle. Make this ear a smaller version of the first ear.

  5. Draw a smaller circle slightly lower and to the left of the bigger circle you drew at the start. This will be the snout of the donkey. Join it to the first circle with two lines coming off either side of the smaller circle.

  6. Add in the details such as the eyes and the nostrils. The eyes will be directly below the first ear and the nostrils will be in the snout.

  7. Start to paint the donkey in. Paint its mane grey. Mix in some white paint if the grey is too dark. Also paint the snout grey.

  8. Paint the face brown, excluding the eyes. The black paint will be used for the eyes and other details you wish to add, such as hair in the mane.

  9. Tip

    For beginners, start off big when painting the donkey.