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How to Kill Beetles With Murphy Oil Soap

Dan Ketchum

When it comes to controlling household pests, you can save money by turning to homemade remedies. Murphy Oil Soap, a popular oil-based wood polish, can ward off everything from squirrels and deer to ants and slugs; beetles are no exception.

Though the soap alone won't kill beetles, pairing it with other common household ingredients will do the trick.


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry a 1-qt. spray bottle. Run warm water through the bottle's spout to ensure it sprays properly.

  2. Measure out 1 tbsp. of Murphy Oil Soap and put it in the spray bottle. Add 1 tbsp. of household cooking oil as well as 1 tbsp. of lemon juice to the mixture.

  3. Fill the remainder of the spray bottle with one part water and one part rubbing alcohol. Screw on the spray bottle's cap and shake the mixture well. Now you have a gentle, general insecticide that works on most insects.


  1. Spray your Murphy Oil Soap insecticide directly on beetles. As beetles are hard-shelled creatures, it may not work instantly.

  2. Spray the mixture around common entrance points to ward off invading beetles. Try using it around window frames, on cracks under doors and in any holes or cracks leading to attics, basements or outdoor areas.

  3. Avoid spraying the mixture on plants, as the alcohol may damage soil. Don't spray it in areas where pets may be liable to lap up the insecticide.

  4. Tip

    For a gentler concoction safe for use around plants, simply mix Murphy Oil Soap, peppermint oil or neem oil with water. A spray made from garlic juice and water makes for a completely garden-safe beetle repellent, though it won't kill beetles.


    Keep the insecticide away from pets and children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest.