How to Stop Green Wood From Splitting

Green wood is fresh wood that has just been cut and isn’t treated or hasn’t been given the time to dry. Green wood is typically springy and soft and is usable for a variety of purposes ranging from construction to woodworking.

Green wood is easy to manipulate due to its soft nature.

The downfall to green wood is that it will dry out and warp, thus causing splitting in the finished project. You can prevent green wood from warping and splitting by treating and sealing the wood with chemicals.

  1. Choose the type of sealant you'll be using. Several types of sealant are available to treet green wood to prevent cracking.

  2. Place a clean drop cloth under the area where you'll be working. Place the piece of wood you'll be treating on the drop cloth.

  3. Pour the sealant of your choice in a jar. Do not fill the jar to the top.

  4. Brush the sealant onto the piece of wood you are treating in the direction of the grain. Use the sealant liberally and completely coat the surface.

  5. Set the wood aside for a week to give the wood time to absorb the sealant. Two coats of sealant is recommended.