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How to Remove Grout From Linoleum

Glenda Taylor

Adding tile to a kitchen or bathroom offers an element of design and texture variation, but grouting the tile is a messy task. During the installation, a professional tile contractor carefully wipes away excess grout immediately and protects the floor with a drop cloth.

Remove grout spills from linoleum before they can scratch the surface.

However, if splatters of wet grout landed on the linoleum flooring, you can remove them carefully, without scratching the linoleum.

Grout Splatters and Thin Haze

  1. Hold a plastic putty knife with the blade flush against the linoleum floor. Gently tap on the dried grout splatters from the side. Avoid chipping at the grout from the top, or you could scratch the linoleum.

  2. Turn the blade of the knife so it strikes the grout splatter at an angle. This further reduces the impact on the dried grout to keep from marring the floor.

  3. Vacuum up dried bits of grout as you loosen them from the linoleum. A wet/dry-type vacuum will pick up small and medium-size bits of grout.

  4. Wipe thin grout haze off linoleum with a damp sponge, dipped in warm/hot water and wrung out. Wipe lightly, just enough to pick up the hazy residue without scratching the linoleum.

Removing Thick Grout Haze

  1. Dissolve a thick grout haze with sugar water if wiping with a damp sponge isn’t enough. In some cases, the grout haze may be too thick to wipe off with plain water, but not thick enough to tap off with a putty knife.

  2. Mix 1 cup of sugar into 1 gallon of hot water and stir until the sugar dissolves completely.

  3. Saturate an absorbent rag with the sugar solution and cover the thick haze with the dripping rag.

  4. Leave the rag on for 30 minutes and then check the grout. If it’s soft, wipe it away carefully with a sponge. If it’s still hard, replace the towel and pour a little more sugar water on it to keep it dripping wet. Check again in 30 minutes. Old grout haze may take up to two hours to soften sufficiently for removal.

  5. Tip

    Take off your shoes until the floor is clean. The hard soles of your shoes can grind the grout into the linoleum, scratching the surface.


    Protect floors before grouting tile with a drop cloth, and remove your shoes before walking from one room to another if you have wet grout on them.