How to Kill a Boa Constrictor

Anthony Moultry

Boa constrictors are nonpoisonous snakes commonly found in tropical Central and South America. Boas can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh more than 100 pounds. They can and will bite you if they fell threatened, and their bites can lead to severe infection.

You should not attempt to kill a snake when you first encounter it. If at all possible, you should call a trained professional to deal with it. Also, check local laws as it can be illegal to kill certain snakes in some states.

  1. Use the shovel to push the snake away from you. In some cases it will simply slither away, avoiding the need for you to kill it.

  2. Keep your eye on the snake and keep four to six feet away from it. Position yourself in front of it so you are looking down at the head of the snake.

  3. Use the shovel or stick to strike the snake in the head four or five times (or as many times as necessary). Use an overhead swing to hit it on the top of the head. You should hit it in the head as hard as you can to inflict the maximum amount of damage.

  4. Use the tip of the shovel to severe the head from the body.

  5. Approach the snake slowly if you used a stick to beat its head. It may be dead, but you will need to cut its head off to be sure. Once within one or two feet of the snake, quickly put your foot on top of the head and apply pressure.

  6. Use the knife to cut the head off of the snake. Start at the top of the head and neck area and cut down from there using using a back and forth motion. It may take a number of back and forth strokes to sever the head.

  7. Tip

    Use the shovel or stick to put the remnants of the snake inside a box or bag. If you elect to pick up the rest of the body by hand, do so by picking it up by the tail.


    Killing a snake is dangerous. You should only kill the snake if you absolutely have to.