Will White Vinegar Work to Kill Fleas?

Lisa Wampler

The use of white vinegar seems to grow in leaps and bounds every year. From killing mold to deodorizing a garbage can, it seems like people turn to white vinegar for everything. Given vinegar’s popularity, it is no wonder people wonder if white vinegar works to kill fleas.

There are several different methods you can employ to kill fleas using white vinegar.

Mixed in Drinking Water

According to Vinegar Tips.com and Versatile Vinegar.org, you can add a few drops of white vinegar to your pet’s drinking water. One teaspoon per quart of water will act as a natural flea repellent as the vinegar evaporates from the animal in the form of body oil. The body oil laced with vinegar will prevent the fleas from jumping onto your pet while they are outside.

Mixed in Bath Water

Pour a cup of vinegar into your animal's bath water and bathe them in it. The vinegar will kill any fleas living in the pet’s fur and will mix with the natural oils on your pet to decrease the amount of fleas willing to live in your pet’s fur. The vinegar smell goes away but you can add a small amount of essential oil to the water to mask the smell.

Drown your Fleas

Place a bowl of vinegar on the floor where your animals frequently stay. Put a floating candle in the bowl. The light and heat will attract the fleas. As they jump to the candle, they will fall in the vinegar and die. This is a way to kill fleas without getting your pet directly involved in the process. However, this will not kill fleas already on your pet as they will likely not jump off a food source to seek the heat from the candle.

Carpet Spray

Mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water into a spray bottle and spray you carpet with the solution. The use of white vinegar should not stain but if you use essential oils to mask the smell, spray the solution in an out of the way area and check for staining before you use the solution in high traffic areas. The solution will kill fleas in infested areas.