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How to Paint Rough Stucco With a Roller

Brandon Getty

Stucco is a masonry adhesive usually applied to a building's exterior for protection or decoration. Applied as a wet paste, stucco hardens to a textured and very dense solid. Stucco tends to be colorless or drab, so it is often painted to complement the decor of the building to which it is applied.

The textured surface of stucco requires a heavy application of paint.

Because of stucco's very rough texture, a roller cartridge with a thick pile density (long fibers) must be used to ensure sufficient paint coverage.

  1. Clean the stucco to be painted using a garden hose and a scrub brush. A mild dish detergent may be used to help clean away any dried dirt or other debris.

  2. Place a plastic pan insert into the paint pan. Fill the bottom of the pan with primer.

  3. Coat the roller cartridge with a generous layer of primer and begin rolling it onto the stucco. Use more primer as needed, until the stucco is completely coated. Attach an extension handle to the roller if necessary.

  4. Allow the primer to set and harden for 24 hours, or for the time suggested by the manufacturer. Remove the plastic insert holding the primer from the paint pan.

  5. Place a fresh plastic insert into the pan and fill it with paint. The paint you choose should contain either urethane or acrylic resins to create a lasting bond on the stucco's rough texture.

  6. Dip a fresh roller cartridge into the paint and roll it onto the stucco. Cover the stucco with a light first coat and then cover it with a generous second coat.

  7. Check all areas of the stucco for complete coverage, spot-treating any unpainted areas with a paintbrush. Allow the paint to dry for the time suggested by the manufacturer.

  8. Warning

    Do not allow any children or pets near your work area, as the chemicals in primer and paint may be poisonous if swallowed.