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How do I Troubleshoot a Spraytech 1620?

Percila Jackson

The Wagan Spraytech 1620 is an airless paint sprayer that can spray latex, oil and stain paints. It has 3,000 PSI power, a piston pump, pusher stem inlet valve and reversible spray tip. Some of the problems you may encounter while using the device are: the sprayer may not start, the sprayer may start but not draw in paint, and the tip assembly may leak.

A Spraytech 1620 is used to spray paint on buildings.
  1. Plug the sprayer in and turn the "ON/OFF" switch to "ON" if the sprayer does not start. Turn the pressure knob control to the maximum setting or turn the "Prime/Spray" valve to "Prime" in order to relieve pressure. Replace the extension cord and properly test the voltage of the power supply. Take your sprayer to a Wagner Authorized Service Center if there is a motor problem or a fuse is blown in your sprayer.

  2. Try priming the unit sprayer again if the "Prime/Spray" knob is set to "Prime" and the sprayer starts but does not draw in paint. Immerse the suction tube in paint or refill the bucket and clean the suction set. Clean the outlet and inlet valves and replace parts that are worn. Insert the pusher stem to release old paint if the inlet is stuck. Replace the inlet valve if necessary.

  3. Check the tip assembly of the sprayer and assemble properly if the tip assembly leaks. Replace the seal if necessary.