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How to Eliminate Oil Base Paint Odor

Melissa Lewis

When painting with an oil-based primer or paint, its odor can linger for weeks, sometimes longer especially in cooler, high humidity spaces. The resins and solvents that are evaporating cause the "new paint" smell. If you can help speed along the drying process, you can help eliminate the odors. In addition, circulating the air with fresher air and absorbing the smell can aid in the odor elimination process.

Eliminate oil base paint smells quickly.
  1. Open the windows. This will help the paint dry and evaporate so no more smell is emitted from the paint. It also helps dissipate the smell outdoors and carry fresh air indoors.

  2. Turn on any nearby exhaust fans to help send the odors outdoors.

  3. Turn on your ceiling fans to blow down and set up more fans to blow toward the painted surfaces to also help dry the paint and eliminate odors.

  4. Open the doors to any other rooms to help disperse and reduce the concentrate of the odor to help get rid of the smell.

  5. Open up closet doors, cabinet doors, drawers or anywhere other small spaces you may have painted with oil paint as well. This will help get rid of the paint odors that may lingering in those areas.

  6. Place a couple pieces of activated charcoal sporadically throughout the painted room to help absorb the odor. Open a couple baking soda boxes as well to help absorb the odors.

  7. Set up a HEPA or charcoal filter in your room to help eliminate oil base paint odors. Check the filter monthly and clean or replace as necessary.