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How to Keep Paint From Sticking to Weather Seal

Jessica Reed

Weather seals and weather stripping insulate and keep air from leaking in through cracks around doors and windows, but sometimes they do their job too well and a newly painted door or window frame doesn't dry properly. If wet paint sticks to a weather seal it can ruin it and the door will continue to stick for months or even years to come. To prevent this all-too-common homeowner hassle, follow proper installation guidelines to ensure your weather stripping and new paint play nicely together.

Weather stripping can prevent paint from drying properly if applied too early.
  1. Remove any existing weather seal from the door or window frame before you start painting. If old weather seal already has paint on it, it will need to be replaced.

  2. Paint the door or window, preferably on a hot, sunny day to speed up the drying process. It can take from a week to a month, or longer in rare cases, for the paint to properly dry. Cold weather slows the drying process and needs extra time.

  3. Allow the paint to dry during the day before shutting the door or window. Do not replace the weather seal yet. This common mistake will keep the paint from fully drying and it will stick to the weather seal and ruin it.

  4. Allow a minimum of two weeks for the paint to dry, as Tim Carter from Ask the Builder advises. In colder weather, wait an extra week. When the paint seems thoroughly dry, replace the weather seal and shut the door or window. It should not stick to the weather stripping.