How to Remove Paint From Carpet Using Hydrogen Peroxide

April Dowling

Failure to protect carpet when painting indoor surfaces leaves it vulnerable to paint splatters and possibly spills. Latex paint stains are particularly prevalent on carpet as homeowners often use latex paint for indoor projects. Since latex paint dries within a couple of hours, it requires swift removal from carpet.

Paint stains make otherwise attractive carpet look grungy.

Fortunately, latex paint stains are water-soluble and removable with the use of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide contains oxidizing agents similar to bleach that dissolve paint stains in carpet.


Substitute isopropyl alcohol for the hydrogen peroxide.


Spot-test the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide on the carpet to inhibit discoloration.

  1. Scrape excess fresh paint off the carpet using a disposable plastic spoon. Do not spread or smear the paint.

  2. Blot the carpet with white paper towels to lift even more fresh paint. Replace the paper towels as paint transfers onto them.

  3. Dampen a dye-free cloth with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Blot the undiluted hydrogen peroxide onto the remaining paint.

  4. Keep the hydrogen peroxide on the carpet for an hour.

  5. Inspect the carpet for paint. If any paint residue lingers, moisten another cloth with undiluted hydrogen peroxide.

  6. Continue blotting the stain with the hydrogen peroxide until the remaining paint dissolves. Fold the cloth frequently while blotting.

  7. Lay a dye-free towel over the moist carpet, and then weigh down the towel with a heavy object. Keep the carpet covered until it is dry. No rinsing is necessary as hydrogen peroxide naturally transforms into water.