How to Protect Your Central Air Conditioner From Bugs

Michael Davidson

Central air conditioning is a very convenient tool for controlling your home climate. They are more efficient than wall units and are also more cost effective. Because of the ducts used in central air conditioning and the moisture than can accumulate in them, the system could become prone to insect infestation.

Insects can sometimes settle inside the main unit of central air as well.

Protecting your central air conditioner against insects requires some regular diligence; action should be taken whenever bugs are discovered to prevent them from reproducing and spreading.

  1. Seal the area around the air conditioning with a peelable caulk, using a caulk gun at any entry points into the home. The caulk provides a tight seal that will prevent insects from entering the unit or the ducts.

  2. Clean up any water leaks with a rag and have the AC system serviced as soon as the leaks are discovered. Standing water acts as a beacon that will quickly attract insects. The AC system and ducts should stay as dry as possible to prevent insect infestation.

  3. Spray an insecticide up through the vents and into the ducts if you suspect a bug problem in the duct area. This will help kill off any existing insects and will also prevent procreation and spreading.

  4. Trim your trees with a tree trimmer to keep branches at least seven feet away from the air conditioner unit and any entry points into the building. This prevents insects in the trees or bushes from spreading to the air conditioning and gaining access to the home.