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How to Keep Rats out From Under the Kitchen Sink

Emma Lee

Finding evidence of rats or mice in your home is disturbing. Indications that rats are in the home could be droppings or food that has been gnawed. You may hear these pesky rodents as they rummage through your kitchen. Rats are attracted to your home because food and shelter are readily available. Remove the welcome mat and take back your home from these intruders.

The fun is over for this party crasher.
  1. Clean under the sink, refrigerator and stove to remove all food particles, and wash the floor on a regular schedule.

  2. Place kitchen garbage in a metal container with a lid until it is removed from the home. Rats aren't picky eaters, and the smell and ease of finding food in an open garbage can is irresistible.

  3. Keep countertops clean from crumbs, and never leave food setting out. Empty drinking glasses of water or other liquids.

  4. Rinse food from dishes if plates and pans cannot be washed immediately.

  5. Remove food from boxes and plastic bags, and place it in thick plastic containers. Cereal boxes aren't much of a challenge for a determined rat.

  6. Check for openings around pipes, and seal any you see with steel wool and caulking compound. Rats can squeeze through very small spaces, so even the tiniest opening must be sealed.

  7. Remove pet food after your pet has finished eating for the day. Wash the water and food bowl every night.